More inspiration: Miss Piggy

I think by some sort of far stretch of the imagination – I could say that Miss Piggy and her fashions could some how be related to ornamentation, but perhaps it’s the spirit of ornament/decoration that can be whimsical and fun.

She’s a puppet, but oozes glamour and often dons legit designer clothes. I love this image of Kermit as Andy Warhol and Miss Piggy as Edie Sedgewick . Is it just parody? Just referential and cute? Post-modern? Faux-stalgia?

from a 2005 holiday edition of Zink magazine

It seems very typical Hollywood, or the Real Housewives series to be “oohing and ahhing” over luxury fashion wear. But when Miss Piggy does it, the viewer doesn’t hate her, but in fact falls more in love with her fabulous persona. Why shouldn’t a puppet be donning fashionable clothing in these celebrity and media obssessed times? Besides for excellent PR for Miss Piggy and the Muppets, it also sends a light-hearted message of fun and humor that usually missing from the overly serious fashion world.

In a way, Miss Piggy is also a subversive model for these high fashion designers who usually recruit gaunt, frail looking teens from Eastern Europe to strut down the catwalks. Miss Piggy is unapologetic for who she is and proudly flaunts her short,voluptuous, porcine self with self-reassured attitude and confidence. Perhaps that is more of what American women need – more of Miss Piggy’s ‘tude.

Puppets wearing designer clothing is more than likely, highly unnecessary and sort of ridiculous. But at the same time, perhaps that’s how many loyalists to modernism felt about ornamentation just being fluffy, trite, and unnecessary. I personally think it’s fun and I’m inspired by Miss Piggy and her love for high fashion. It’s also probably hilarious that a puppet bedecked in a designer dress probably upstaged all the traditionally beautiful and glamorous actresses at the 2012 Oscars.

Miss Piggy in Brian Atwood heels from InStyle Magazine spread (2011)

below: Miss Piggy in a dress by Jason Wu from InStyle

Some Miss Piggy fron the Oscars

“Moi got together with several of the world’s most famous and fabulous designers and challenged them to make something fantastique for moi to wear.

“The theme for my dress is “Wow! as in “Wow, nobody else could pull that off except Miss Piggy. It’s designed to catch your eye, and make George, Brad and Kermie drool all over me.”

The people at Instyle Magazine were quick to point out that Miss Piggy doesn’t have any wrinkles on her smooth snout. She told the magazine, “I was, as the saying goes, born this way: Perfect.

Behind the scenes of the Instyle Photoshoot with Miss Piggy

Interview with Miss Piggy on the Daily Show

Interview with Miss Piggy on Chelsea Handler

Love her!


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